The Beautiful Journey EP (2009)

by Gowe (Gifted On West East)

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released October 5, 2009



all rights reserved


Gowe (Gifted On West East) Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Gowe - Song For Dad
Hook -

Cause youre always there for me, you want the best for me
Youre the air I breathe that’s my Dad, He’s the reason
Why im doing this track

And I know, im far from being perfect
I know I don’t deserve it, yet you still use me
That’s my Dad, He’s the reason why im doing this track

Verse 1

The name is G-O to the capital We
Instead of a capital me
i direct glory to the capital He
freeze while I write nights so passionately
that light might paint a piece of His uncontrollable peace
please take a minute to seek the words that I speak
theres only so many times you can let this record repeat
treat the first day as your last
cause this moment could pass
ask and receive but maybe quite not the answer you had in mind
time has really shaped the real person I am
but time in itself is just the flow of motion my man
hoping I can represent You in the most high
the world tries to shake me but I don’t believe in those lies
die by all the standards You set
the wages of death gratifies me more than just cashing a check
so yes is my answer test my only character
blessed are You whom I follow, is my father

Verse 2

forget the track and ‘he’s sick’ the glamour and glitz
by writing this track fact is I am taking a risk
diss if all you want to, miss my point completely
strip away my fan base based on my delivery
kiss away the pride all the lies and the calls
cause I’d rather speak Your love then not mention You at all
fall to my knees when I speak
the love that I seek
is infinitely greater than a kiss on the cheek
teach me when I stumble,
lift me when Im falling
speak to me the words so I could
reach the unforgotten
people preach what they love
others preach through their actions
So I teach through your gift, humbleness and verbal talent
Lord im not efficient, at times I feel unworthy
The things that live around me makes it hard to be unworldly
But I do this for Your glory let my passion turn to action
A generation ready for the struggle and the challenge

Verse 3

I am far from great take my list of mistakes
The anger and hate displayed at the front of my gates
The fraction of faith needed to believe in His way
Was still lacking
my flesh found it hard to relate
It still happens
im telling you the reason today
Perfection is fake, accept the great perception of grace
Space He created
the Stars He created
The sun and the moon are examples of His Greatness
Lets try to imagine how the world would be
If love overfilled us with a joy that was heavenly
If people stopped screaming out 'youre going to hell'
And instead started reevaluating themselves
If our church doors opened would people who were dressed different
maybe teens pregnant feel a sense of shame or unwelcome?
Would it matter? do we feel a sense of urgency?
Do we want to make a change? is He worth more than me?
Track Name: Don't Phase Me
Verse 1

If I made a million bucks
would I buy a couple trucks
A couple cars a couple cribs a couple pair of chucks?
Would the money be enough or would it challenge me?
Would I find my own identity among the jewelry?
Would I live happily I mean real happily?
Enough funds to take care of maybe five families
Never work again never have to worry bout
Paying any bills and what not
own the biggest house
With the nicest lawn any type of ice and charm
Hanging from my neck and arm just to let you know its on
You cant touch me, look at all the cheese I got
My wife really loves me, I get her anything she wants
Im a somebody, people listen when I come around
They treat me like royalty I know they envy me
So what I got to be, hate cause you ain’t making it
Keep living small im outside getting filthy rich
thats what i want

Verse 2

If I lost a million bucks would it really be enough
For me to live nough to eat nough to give it up?
Would my people show me love?
or would they leave me
Do they really see me as a friend or a genie that
They like to rub, when its tough, get some money
The second that its gone so are they aint it funny
I wish I never made it
wish I had some kind of warning
Wish that this was just a dream and by the morning it was gone and
But its real and its really hard to fathom
The genuine attraction of a love based on passion
Meaning even if I couldn’t buy the things that you wanted
my feelings in itself would keep you happy at a hundred
I envy all the things that are free that can’t be baughten
I wish that it was me instead of him with all his problems
with the nine to five barely got a car to drive
Living out a simple life, Working just to stay alive
thats what i want

Verse 3

Welcome to the booth take a seat let it loose
Let me give a gift to you from Mark 10 verses 22-23
youre messed up? So are we
I’ll never stay spotless or Live perfectly
so forget the judgmental preaching that youre thinking of
This is Scripture study twisted with a verbal touch
Jesus Christ is the crux, He’s the Savior
paid for anything we did or might commit along the future
There was this rich dude probably had a lavish life
Owned a bunch of merchandise but thought about the afterlife
Until he found Christ fell
upon his knees and asked
‘oh good teacher, what do I need to do to pass?’
So he told him 'sell your wealth and just follow Me'
His face fell turned around cause that was his security
so do I want nice things? Yeah
but if it didn’t happen
I wouldn’t trip cause money don’t phase me
Track Name: You Wanna Rap
Lets - Work - On - Your - Image

Welcome to the rap world where beef and guns go Plow and explode
to those who carry round a wack flow
Your style is irrelevant be it south or the west coast
as long as your topic contains cash and you mack hoes
realities false the casualty’s actually soft the blood on the
corpse tactfully’s actually sauce
heres the camera, the lights and the action it happens
see it clearer, my passion is added with captions
and heres a blunt
hold it still but exhale it slowly through your nose
youre kinda close but stare at me coldly
there you go now youre 1/4th of a rap star spitting phat bars maserati
pushing fast cars through the city
top down this is how you want it
with a couple chain pieces cause you got it flaunt it whats next disrespect
a great emcee
if you want to succeed then keep following me

Next - Claim - You're - The - Illest

yeah this kid is dope, but not as dope as me hes been in it 2 I been in it three
so naturally im ahead of he delivery is off the chain
attached to a train
stick to your game practice in rain
and claim to be the best emcee who, could you be dissing at me?
Ya crew, they seen me rip it with ease
If you continue to beef you prolly wont continue to breathe
See since you wanted to be here then be the nicest
Diss your favorite emcee and see its in a crisis
How many tracks how many dope how many wack
How many fall through the cracks in my life theres been a stack So don’t think
that im gassing you up
im talking statistics
Verbal portraits, we call it conscious linguistics
Gifted is the name so Everytime that I write I reinspire the name ‘Gowe’
Flow is too ridiculous so vicious that it hurts
and there you have your typical ‘brag about me verse’

So - You - Want - To - Rap - Right?

so how was your stay, do you still want to make records?
Have radio stations play you and become world famous? Drive a couple of cars
fly around across the nation Barely get to sleep
and feed yourself from gas stations
Face the ridicule that I guarantee will arise And throw in a bit of the pride
with Jealousy on the side
Plus a bunch of fake friends with a few that are real
And the rest who only support you in search of a deal
Not to mention your fam while youre traveling gone
Your wife and the mom of your kids being stranded at home
And the time that you get when youre back done with the set
is interrupted again with a another camera flash
sign a autograph take another pic
I bet this type of lifestyle is making you sick
And I can’t agree more
if it wasn’t for the gift
If not for God’s calling I would have called it quits
Track Name: Caramel Macchiato (Feat. Gene Yoon)
Verse 1 -

It all started from a dialogue I’d a thought nothing of it more
but she light a spark, right in March
At the time I was pleasantly surprised
Her love for the Lord caught the apple of my eye
And I had to question the timing was impeccable
We both wasn’t looking but our feelings were consensual
So we took it and we chatted on a simple basis
Then I realized that she hadn’t been to many places
In the midst of park benches and Baskin-Robbins
Through the thrill and the joy we were thanking God
and making sure He was the center of our budding friendship
it was funny how I always liked to read her feelings and get it right
on occasion we liked, to cruise around the city night to see the beautiful lights
in the back of my mind im falling deeper in like
cause this girl has the attributes I see in a wife

Hook -

Lord i pray that in the hardest days
that you will comfort her in every single way
and everytime i see the starry sky
im reminded that her eyes
aint too far away far away

Verse 2 -

a couple months pass we’re talking on a deeper level
by now im certain this girl is really something special
though my music sometimes makes her worry
I love the fact that she cares enough to think about me
I wish her parents liked me, but I don’t really blame them
An educated rapper is a tough reputation
But I just tell myself that once they get to know me
That my passion to protect her would be evident, heaven sent
Cause God knows that the second she smiles
Its like a bit of sunlight that took a peek through the clouds
And yo, I know she knows that im trying my best
to make her days a bit brighter to eliminate stress
in anyway that I can, through a call or a text
and remind her to eat if shes preparing for tests
cause she likes to forget, and always thinks she’ll fail
and because of the stress she takes it out on her nails

Hook -

Lord i pray that in the hardest days
that you will comfort her in every single way
and everytime i see the starry sky
im reminded that her eyes
aint too far away far away

Verse 3 -

Though I cant see you as much as I want to
I know that God will use you in spectacular ways
you see 'charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting
but a woman who fears the Lord, is to be praised'
every time the night lights brighter from afar
I reminisce about nights way back at Shooting Star
And i know our God knows love, He created it
The feelings that I have for you have got to be genuine
It doesn’t matter if im rocking a show or shopping for clothes
Writing a song as long as you know
That not a single day passed,
Where I hadn’t thought about you, cared about you and prayed about you
Hoping for the best I surrender the rest
And If we’re really meant to be than this is only a test
I said hoping for the best I surrender the rest
And if we’re really meant to be than this is only a test yes
Track Name: The Homecoming
Hook - I need to find my way back home
i need to see myself again
and i know what youre thinking x 7

I kinda been gone preoccupying my mind
with Designs that were in line at the time
well minus the blindness
But im back and you receive, what I see I don’t believe
Cause to love me? Its must be hard but you do so easily
Ive taking advantage done so many things to disown you
Shown you the door a lot more than my own welcoming for you
But to this day you give away unconditional love
So excuse me, if I got a perplexed look on my mug
Its just that
I cant understand how I can offer you more
To the same hands that designed the great alignment of stars
the same bars that I write typed on a screen or in a pad
has the love that ultimately leads to my dad which means
everything that I do is just a reflection of Him
an instrumental used
in a congregational hymn
this is far from religious
closer to relation
the welcoming home I received exceeded my expectation


im thinking I can handle any challenge that arises without outside interference
to help guide along my eyes
its kinda crazy but maybe if I try really really hard
theres a chance that I’ll succeed
and in the event that I fall
face to the wall to the ground and the desperation surrounds
im lost in this cycle of a self depending moral
How do I un-tangle the thought of its so painful
Instead of a ‘no thank you’ the truth is im So thankful
Im so sick of these hotels
and apartment complexes that
The thought of coming home it really satisfies my soul
A bowl of hot soup and a bed to relinquish the pain
With a smile that is grateful for roofs in midst of the rain
A look in the mirror just to recognize the reflection
and wow I look different I guess its really been a minute
since the last time I was here
may I never leave again
you call me son your child and you call me a friend


I return to the area despite the mass hysteria
The spread of a virus known as sin in which im the biggest carrier And without hesitation
a robe was brought to my presence
A ring was slid on my finger the sadness shown in my absence And its
confusing at the least it makes no logical sense
When I factor in the hurt that I’ve reciprocated to Him
you still love me, how can I feel justly
when I thought you’d judge me, you chose to just hug me
Track Name: Never Give Up
Verse 1 -

My parents don’t like the fact that I write for You
They say education is important go to school So I did
with all the faith that I had in this gift
I still wrote in the midst of classes practicing this
Perfecting the flow show discernment
and ‘Gowe’ Began to mold into a man who had a passion to know You
on a deeper level, just a usable servant
Consistent with verses working a craft that is worth it
The pressure is huge, take a step in these shoes
Asking how will you provide for a family of two?
Or three maybe four, and how will you live?
Will your music pay the bills?
Did I mention your kids?
So I tell them as a man its my passion and soul
To provide for my family with a venue to grow
And to cherish my wife cause shes the love of my life
and music or not I wont stop following You

Verse 2 -

they say youre not good enough, ya style is too different
Compromise this alter that, whats the difference?
Sometimes im sick of writing all this music
Im sick of rocking mics and im sick of being gifted
Im sick of being seen like im chasing down a dream
Im tired of being deemed as a lyrical machine
And There are times when I question my position
if I keep making records is the vision God given?
The hardest thing to surrender is my desire
Why give me samples if this never transpires?
Why lead me down this path full of obstacle
And why take away all the things that are valuable?
Things that I love, the things that I cherish
With the judgment i get even from my own parents
It’d be so easy to give up and move along
Instead of doing wrong
well, I know where I belong

Verse 3 -

When I say that ‘I’ll make it’ its not cuz the money
Its not signing a deal its not even being on TV
It’s following You despite the conditions
To know that where you call may not be what I envisioned
Im just a man, just a boy just a son
With a voice and a tongue who rejoices when among Pain
that I see, i feel the pain when I sleep
When I walk through a storm I feel the rain on my cheek
If I could just touch a person who tried
To use their artwork as a means to survive
To glorify the One and only, but got turned down
Faced pressure from their family and got burned out
On the brink of giving up, just a couple of inches Away
Hey, i can relate to your pain
Stay for another second I got a question to fill
If you don’t reach through your gift, then tell me who will?